“I’M HOME!” she said.

A place we call home should have been the safest place for us.

Where else can we turn back to and be at peace whenever the world hit us the hardest and we find nowhere to push through. Then, there’s home.

How March going so far? It’s pathetic!

All news locally and globally, we are all being pulled down and hurt.



Living in diversity had always been our biggest privilege as we have the opportunities to know each other, embrace the difference and we are still called as ‘Malaysian’. We get to appreciate different cultures, foods and way of living. Some may need to travel miles away to get these blessings but not for us. How fortunate we are. Yet, how much more do we want that we’ve been spreading hatred instead of love and happiness.

I believe that having a harmonious life and being united in diverse are what we have been longing for.

Everything has its own boundaries and sensitivities to be respected. Same goes to religions and races where it must have been preserved for a long time.

Act of emotion and sentiment based should be avoided by us regardless of our religion, race, creed or origin.

Respect only requires us to have a bigger hand and a wider view of seeing life in different sceneries.



Chemical waste is a substance that should be managed attentively and thoroughly. Not to be handled carelessly just to satisfy our own desire of wanting fast settlement. This is not a small matter as if we are hiding dusts under the carpet and the house seems to be clean. This is a ‘life and death’ matter that we have to take it seriously.

Who would have thought condition that we heard occurred in others’ countries is now occurring in our own country. The worst part is that it is putting children and nation that will be our future generations in danger.

Shout out to the unsung heroes out there, that has been fighting through to clean up the mess made by irresponsible one and treating the victims day and night. I hope the real predator behind these to be caught and put down soon.


We do not tolerate toxic people, and surely we do not tolerate toxic environment too!



Mass shooting that caused 49 victims to lose their life is far too real than one could imagine. It is no more a video game that an assassin creed could kill hundreds life to get to a higher level. It is now involving real life situation and people are dying. Killing people is an act of cruelty that ruling over everyone’s right of having a peaceful life.

Incidents of mass shooting could happen anywhere and anytime. Awareness of the situation must be spread and take action. We can no longer let this being repeated all over again.

We should make peace in a community and not being a culprit that ruin someone’s life. Observing some respond of them being ready to protect and be there for the Muslim community warms my heart.

We cannot deny that ‘terrorism’ have been made synonymous to Islam by the global media, despite the issues of terrorism involving other religion. Clearly, terrorism is not tolerable in any religion I suppose as it is contradict to the teachings.

The truth is, terrorism has no religion.



Israel again had launched an air attack on Gaza last week and it had always been Israel who starts first. I wonder how inhuman they are being when not only the land and ocean of Palestinian made as theirs, they are also putting Palestinian under pressure through air attack.

Disgusting. How many more life should be threatened and snatched?

Supporting boycott program and donation to be distribute for the Palestinian that have been organized by many NGOs would be our tiny efforts to lend a hand and make Palestine great again. Everyone should have an equal chance to live their life.

Justice must prevail and be practiced by everyone. Palestinians have rights to be at peace and to get back their own land that have been robbed by that immigrant Israel.

Enough is enough. This biggest open air prison should come to an end!

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is.


Malaysia is a home.

Pasir Gudang is a home.

New Zealand is a home.

Gaza is a home.


Hence, home should have been the safest place.


“WELCOME HOME. Again.” They said

Towards a better Malaysia. Towards a better world.


Maisarah binti Zainal Fitri

Activist at Belia HARMONI CUCMS

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