Even though several days have passed, the 20th Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) Congress from March 1-3, 2024, apparently left behind a series of stories such as (1). the beating of a fellow cadre that befell one student from Semarang, Andre Hermawan, when he asked about a congress letter which he said was unclear; (2). Administrative malpractices, such as delaying time from December 2023 to March 1, 2024, allegedly did not involve the general secretary of the IMM DPP Zaki Nugraha ; (3).  the occurrence of dualism between pro-Zaki and Riyan, and (4). the occurrence of pragmatic political practices.

The dynamics that led to this split ultimately gave rise to three statements of attitude on the monument to the people’s suffering on Palembang,  by Zaki which contains three points:

(1). Strongly condemning the various problems that occurred during the 20th IMM Congress in Palembang
(2). Strongly condemn the involvement of the police in various forms of assistance and facilities used to interfere in the affairs of the 20th IMM Congress.
3. Mandate Zaki Nugraha as General Chair of the IMM DPP for the 2023-2025 period by acclamation.

The Muhammadiyah Student Association movement, which was supposed to be neutral and become a critical opposition, was betrayed by taking sides with political forces.

Even though some of their activities do not carry the name of IMM, structured mobilization involving cadres at every level just for the sake of power cakes, which will only be enjoyed by those at the top, is unethical.

So, the Muhammadiyah Student Association celebrated its 60th birthday on March 14, 2024. We need to reflect on the direction of IMM’s movement so that its idealism remains in touch with substantive aspects, including the courage to continue to ignite the fire of resistance against oppression caused by the powers that be who will come to power even though its structural elements support it.

Of course, it is hazardous when the regime gathers students as agents of change. The discourse of power that enters the Congress hall seems to be accepted without any criticism. Cadres who question independence have their voices silenced and negatively stigmatized.

But let us assume a reasonable opinion if the theme of Indonesia as a whole does not contain an implicit message to eliminate differences in attitudes and normalize attitudes towards power. The IMM should distance itself from today’s immoral bourgeois politics.

By Mansurni Abadi

Knowledge seeker and activist that help Indonesia moving library network in Sumatra island, graduate from American English Skills Development Center Manila, Philippines ( Diploma in English), IIB dharmakaya Lampung ( BA in Hr management ), and Muhammadiyah Lampung univ ( BA in psychology ) than ever work and study English and NLP in Australia ( Perth and Sydney ) and exchange to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Currently, doing master degree research program in ethnic studies, National University of Malaysia, and active in a few local and international youth organization. I define my self as an activist who likes it with travel because when we explore the depth of our curiosity about the world, we are often called to challenge and question the way things are and why

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